Woman Confesses that Her Father Ran a Very Nasty Unsanitary and Unsafe Business

Nicole Gasparro said she is a retailer from East Providence, and she also worked, as a youngster, for her father’s business in Massachusetts, where empty containers were accepted in exchange for deposits. She said the situation was terrible: dregs in unwashed bottles created a stench and drew bugs, ants, and flies. People would get into fistfights trying to claim unattended bottles. She even saw bottles used as weapons. The store had to call police frequently. Customers had to do their shopping surrounded by the smell of rotting trash.“It was terrifying to employees,” Gasparro said. “Nobody wants to work in those conditions.”

Bottle Bill Debate Returns to Rhode Island – ecoRI News

Wow, I’ve been in so many stores in Massachusetts since a decade before the bottle came here and not once have I experienced anything remotely like that. Hopefully her incompetent family went bankrupt and closed it down.