DDT Problems In Humans

Enough time has finally elapsed that we can now measure the long term health impacts of DDT. We banned most uses of DDT after decades of ordinary people overusing DDT. A woman I worked with in the 80’s once bemoaned the banning of DDT because by spreading lots of it around her garden she kept the ants off her tomatoes. She did this because in the 50’s & 60’s industry insisted that DDT was completely safe for humans and other mammals. At the time of the banning in the early 70’s we were only seeing the early affects of our overuse in the population declines of birds, raptors in particular. Now that enough time has passed:

Scientists found health effects in grandchildren of women exposed to the pesticide

Source: Consequences of DDT Exposure Could Last Generations – Scientific American

Great Commentary from Hackaday

The $2500.00 (MSRP) Kick Ass PC I had built by HP 4-1/2 years ago exceeds all of Microsoft’s performance requirements for Windows 11. However, because the 3.4GHz, quad core, 8 processor, CPU that I can never load more than 50% with intense CAD and multimedia work, is not a new enough Intel i7, I won’t be able to run Windows 11. 😦

I’ll probably migrate to a Linux Distro in 2024 especially since most of what I run can already run in *nix and I already use VM’s to run older Win32 CAD packages.

Unfortunately for the majority of people on the planet this won’t work for them. Instead many will trash the old systems leading to this potential outcome:


Source: The Great Windows 11 Computer Extinction Experiment | Hackaday

I understand that Microsoft and it’s PC manufacturing partners need to sell new hardware. However they really should think more carefully what they are doing to the planet with this rather arbitrary forced obsolescence based on processor age, not performance. (My i7-6700 3.4GHz is way more powerful than many of the supported CPU’s)

Of course given the longer term industry trends this may backfire and force many more Windows users to switch to Chrome books and boxes, which frankly are a better choice for ordinary users. It seems really weird that Microsoft doesn’t seem to recognize that their migration of everything to the cloud has removed the need for a Windows PC for the vast majority of people on the planet.

About the Lab Leak Hypothesis

UPDATE June 10th 2021, as I find new articles they’re included in the list below.

Science reporting has always been atrocious. The facts and basics of how science works are more often wrong than right as presented in the media. Reporting on the origins of Covid-19 is no different. Two of the biggest errors that journalists keep making during the pandemic are, confusing possibility with probability, and giving too much weight to hypothesis from non-experts like Nicholas Wade.

Here’s a few of articles from actual scientists which include lots of information from other scientists who have even more actual subject matter expertise.

Source: Sandwalk: Real scientists discuss the lab leak conspiracy theory

Source: The Origins of SARS-CoV-2 | Science-Based Medicine

Source: The origin of SARS-CoV-2, revisited | Science-Based Medicine

Source: Sandwalk: Let’s analyze the Newsweek lab leak conspiracy theory article

Source: SARS‐CoV‐2, Covid‐19, and the debunking of conspiracy theories – Hakim – – Reviews in Medical Virology – Wiley Online Library

Source: The COVID Lab-Leak Hypothesis: What Scientists Do and Do Not know – Scientific American

Source: CGGCGG: The latest new-old wrinkle in the COVID-19 “lab leak” conspiracy theory – RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE

Walter Hussman Tr., Just another Rich White Male Southerner Who Helps Discriminate Against Black Women

Here’s actually the true facts of it,” Hussman told Policy Watch. “I never pressured anybody. I didn’t pressure [UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media Dean] Susan King. I didn’t pressure the chancellor. I didn’t pressure [Vice Chancellor for University Development] David Routh or anybody on the board.”

Hussman, however, acknowledged sending as many as five emails expressing his concerns about the hire to King, Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz and Routh, who is also chief executive of the UNC-Chapel Hill Foundation, the nonprofit that receives gifts on behalf of the school. Hussman also said he sent the emails to at least one member of the UNC-Chapel Hill Board of Trustees, who he did not name.

Shorter Hussman – Oh I didn’t pressure anyone except the six emails I sent so I’m not a racist asshole.

Source: UNC mega-donor Walter Hussman denies exerting pressure over Hannah-Jones hiring | NC Policy Watch

Hat tip to :

Source: Nikole Hannah-Jones update: It depends on what the definition of ‘pressure’ is – Media Nation

Cindy Suchan & Jim Garrison Have Shown Their Extreme Racism

The best part of the Trump era is that racists are coming right out and demonstrating their bigotry. Frankly all these racist, dishonorable, un-American, anti-Patriots should be banned from all involvement with honorable Americans.

What at first seemed to be a short audio malfunction at Monday’s Memorial Day ceremony in Hudson’s Markillie Cemetery turned out to be anything but.

Source: Veteran’s audio cut when he discusses Blacks’ role in Memorial Day

Hat Tip to PZ: Racism comes in many forms

UPDATE June 10th – Both of the bigots have resigned:

Source: Another Official Resigns Over Censored Memorial Day Speech | Military.com

American Legion leaders in Ohio also suspended the post’s charter and are taking steps to close it.

That implies that the whole local AL post has a racial bigotry problem. That would not be a surprise to me. Throughout my 60+ year life it’s always seemed that VFW & AL posts, Sons of Italy and other oddly specific ethically named social clubs have mostly been places for old white bigots to hang out and tell racist jokes.

Source: Legion official resigns over censored Memorial Day speech

The draft text of the speech is available to read (the story of the former slaves is great).

Source: Draft of speech given by vet whose mic was cut at Memorial Day service