A Virtual Puppy Named Slacko

I first played around with Puppy Linux about eight years ago to extend the useful life of an old PC for relatives. With Puppy’s low PC resource requirements and my previous experience it was a natural choice for my second distro to run in WVPC. In addition to getting Slacko Puppy running in WVPC I also wanted to have it on a USB thumb drive to use for rescue operations on other PCs. Since most PCs I deal with currently are fairly new I chose to use the PAE version of Slacko. Before I dig into the WVPC implementation a quick note on the standard usage of Slacko Puppy. Read the release notes before you start! I did not do this and it cost me about a half hour of head scratching trying to get my main workstation to boot on the CD (it needed the radeon.modeset=0 boot option).

If you don’t want to roll your own virtual machine you can can download an archive containing the virtual disk and settings files. Simply extract the files to your virtual machines folder (usually C:UsersxxxxxxAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindows Virtual PCVirtual Machines where xxxxxx is your user name) and then run the VM. The archive, Slacko_Puppy_5_6_0_PAE.7z, contains Slacko_Puppy_5_6_0_PAE.7z.vmc (settings) and Slacko_Puppy_5_6_0_PAE.7z.vhd (virtual disk).

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