Latest News on the Teacher Fired for Wizardry

Via a Google Alert I have seen some news about the Jim Piculas story. Mr. Piculas’ attorney has prepared the complaint for the court. This article from the St. Petersburg Times indicates to me that the School Boards’ attorney hasn’t looked carefully at the the potentially very damaging documents that I wrote about previously.

School Board attorney Dennis Alfonso said he had not seen the lawsuit. He acknowledged that the district made no effort to deal with Piculas after receiving his legally required notice to sue back in July.

“We stand by the internal investigation that there was nothing inappropriate in his termination,” Alfonso said.

I still cannot think of any rational explanation for the big discrepancies in those documents. Hopefully, Mr. Piculas won’t take an out of court settlement and let this issue be buried without any explanation. All the local news reports I’ve seen on the web are still not saying anything about the suspicious docs.