Sesquicentennial of the public debut of Darwin's Big Idea

One Hundred and Fifty years ago today on July first 1858, Charles Lyell and Joseph Dalton Hooker read a paper to the Linnean Society of London. The important paper was: On the Tendency of Species to form Varieties; and on the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection, By Charles Darwin, Esq., F.R.S., F.L.S.., & F.G.S., and Alfred Wallace, Esq.

Thus began 150 years of amazing advances in the biological sciences that have improved our lives and life spans enormously. Sadly, this also marks the start of 150 years of denial and willful ignorance by fundamentalist religious people.

Read more about the event at this post by Richard Carter, FCD of The Red Notebook blog. While you’re there sign up to become a member of The Friends of Charles Darwin.

Paul Hutchinson, FCD

Charlie is my Darwin