Judgment Day

Just in case you haven’t heard about it yet, this coming Tuesday, 11/13 many PBS stations will be airing a new episode of NOVA, Judgment Day Intelligent Design on Trial. I would normally have said most stations rather than many stations but sadly I’ve encountered evidence that leads me to believe that some stations are not going to air the show.

Over at Sandwalk Larry mentioned that WNED Buffalo NY was not airing the show. I looked into this and found that WNED is not going to air it on its channel that reaches the largest audience (it is airing on their HD channel). 😦 If a north east PBS channel is doing this I think it’s a pretty safe bet that stations in more science hostile areas are likely not airing the program, check your local listings. If you are a contributor to your local PBS station and they aren’t airing it please let them know how you feel about it because keeping contributors happy is the #1 goal of most PBS stations.