Media Center problem fixed

I’ve had an intermittent problem with Windows Media Center ever since I bought my new WinXP PC in October. Every once in a while Media Center would cause a general protection fault while exiting.

The culprit was the HP DVD player software that was pre-installed (it’s a private labeled version of CyberLink PowerDVD). I Replaced it with WinDVD a few weeks ago and the GPF’s have stopped.

How to's for Uri Geller's tricks coming soon

In this weeks Swift newsletter James Randi says:

For the information of the public, within the next few weeks I will be publishing here the complete routines for a series of common magic tricks. These will include:
1. Compass-moving
2. Spoon-bending/breaking
3. Reading sealed drawings
4. Projecting “telepathic” images of ESP symbols, numbers, etc.
5. Key-bending
6. Watch-changing

I’ve wanted to learn the full details of these tricks for a long time so for me this is very exciting news. If I can learn the tricks well enough, I can entertain my friends and family while educating them about alleged psychics.

Hoax? I don't think so

According to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, the verb form of hoax is defined as “to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous”. The noun form has two definitions “1 : an act intended to trick or dupe 2 : something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication”.

In Boston yesterday some advertising signs were finally noticed by officials after having been around town for weeks and the fools thought they were bombs. The media and public officials have been calling it a hoax but this is clearly incorrect. They were advertising signs not fake bombs designed to hoax the Boston city and Massachusetts state officials.

Frankly I’m amazed at the stupidity of the media and public officials. The first moment I saw one of the alleged bombs on TV (picture below) I recognized it as a lighted advertising sign. Since I happen to be an Adult Swim viewer (Moral Orel is fantastic!), I also noticed right away that it was an Aqua Teen Hunger Force character.