Tucker Carlson Admits He’s a Racist

Here’s the quote, emphasis mine.

Anyone who is still a fan of his should now openly admit their racism, or at least their support of racist assholes. There are NOT good people on both side like Trump claims. All neo-Nazis, neo-confederates, KKK members and members of bigoted hate groups, are very bad people period.

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching video of people fighting on the street in Washington. A group of Trump guys surrounded an Antifa kid and started pounding the living shit out of him. It was three against one, at least. Jumping a guy like that is dishonorable obviously. It’s not how white men fight.

Tucker Carlson had to go because his racist text cost Rupert Murdoch money – Media Nation

Why I Believe All Cats must be Kept Indoors

I like cats a lot, but domestic cats can be very skilled hunters and the last thing I want is cats being the extinction cause of the New England Cottontail because I love native wildlife more. (there is no way to know whether this is a New England Cottontail or an introduced Eastern Cottontail)

The bunny is very close to the trap camera so the cat looks much smaller than it is. From other pictures and seeing that cat IRL, I know it is large enough to take down a rabbit. Fortunately the next shot a few minutes later shows the cat walking away so I believe the bunny escaped this close call.

Another reason I’m pretty sure this rabbit escaped is because it dens under my porch and yesterday I nearly stepped on two baby bunnies in my yard. Based on the season I’m guessing they were just heading out on their own from the years first litter.

Why WordPress Hosting Sucks

Unless you are willing to pay way too much money, $300/year, you are stuck with these very crappy limitations and non-competitive pricing.

  • You are stuck with the horribly inefficient Gutenberg block editor with no way to avoid it.
  • The price for domain names is way too high, double or more than other providers. At least with this feature I can move my custom domain away from WordPress before the next renewal.
  • You are stuck with their crappy Jetpack statistics instead of the free excellent Google Analytics

The main reason I switched was for the timely, accurate, security updates. This is needed since the underlying software is so riddled with security problems. If you don’t monitor your site for updates and breaches on daily basis you’ll soon be hacked.

Before the next renewal I’m going to have to research newer hosting services to see if any are as good from a monitoring/update perspective. Otherwise I’ll just have to renew for another year and put up with the stupid block editor and Jetpack analytics for another year while I finish migrating all my stuff to ultra secure static sites built with Hugo.

Thank You Bigots for Finally Coming Out of the Closet

This just keeps happening and today it’s Emily Conklin of Florida. For most of my 60+ years on this planet most bigots have hidden their bigotry because they knew most of the population wasn’t as bigoted as they are. Now due to the Republican Party’s leader making bigotry great again, many of them are outing themselves.

For all of you who keep doing this, thank you. It’s so much easier knowing who to ignore and avoid when they don’t hide their horrible bigotry.

Sixty-Three Years Later, White Mom Finally Gets ‘Ruby Bridges’ Banned From Elementary School – Wonkette

Woman Confesses that Her Father Ran a Very Nasty Unsanitary and Unsafe Business

Nicole Gasparro said she is a retailer from East Providence, and she also worked, as a youngster, for her father’s business in Massachusetts, where empty containers were accepted in exchange for deposits. She said the situation was terrible: dregs in unwashed bottles created a stench and drew bugs, ants, and flies. People would get into fistfights trying to claim unattended bottles. She even saw bottles used as weapons. The store had to call police frequently. Customers had to do their shopping surrounded by the smell of rotting trash.“It was terrifying to employees,” Gasparro said. “Nobody wants to work in those conditions.”

Bottle Bill Debate Returns to Rhode Island – ecoRI News

Wow, I’ve been in so many stores in Massachusetts since a decade before the bottle came here and not once have I experienced anything remotely like that. Hopefully her incompetent family went bankrupt and closed it down.