Massachusetts GOP Wants More Regulations

Idiot GOP members Richard Ross of Wrentham, and Steven Levy of Marlborough, in the Massachusetts House and Senate want to increase regulations to prevent imaginary problems. They’ve filed a dozen bills to require photo IDs for voting but there has never been any voter fraud significant enough to affect the outcome of an election in Massachusetts.

Fortunately our Governor is rational and will veto any of this absolutely silly legislation if it comes to his desk.

Of course most likely what these stupid Republicans want is to disenfranchise minority and elderly voters so they can more easily remove social safety nets.

Ed at Dispatches from the Culture Wars has a good post about this on the national level.

Blog vs. Post = Magazine vs. Article

I’m getting very annoyed at a re-definition that is becoming popular. Many people on the internet are now using the noun blog to refer not only to a web log but also to the individual posts within a web log. This is just like referring to the articles within a magazine as magazines, it’s ridiculous.

From what I’ve found the trend started with MySpace, rather than have a button that said post article, entry, or page they made their new entry button say post blog.

Everyone please stop trying to confuse the situation, use the word blog as it is defined. Refer to the individual entries in a blog as either, posts, entries, articles, stories, pages or one of the many existing synonyms.


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