Cindy Suchan & Jim Garrison Have Shown Their Extreme Racism

The best part of the Trump era is that racists are coming right out and demonstrating their bigotry. Frankly all these racist, dishonorable, un-American, anti-Patriots should be banned from all involvement with honorable Americans.

What at first seemed to be a short audio malfunction at Monday’s Memorial Day ceremony in Hudson’s Markillie Cemetery turned out to be anything but.

Source: Veteran’s audio cut when he discusses Blacks’ role in Memorial Day

Hat Tip to PZ: Racism comes in many forms

UPDATE June 10th – Both of the bigots have resigned:

Source: Another Official Resigns Over Censored Memorial Day Speech |

American Legion leaders in Ohio also suspended the post’s charter and are taking steps to close it.

That implies that the whole local AL post has a racial bigotry problem. That would not be a surprise to me. Throughout my 60+ year life it’s always seemed that VFW & AL posts, Sons of Italy and other oddly specific ethically named social clubs have mostly been places for old white bigots to hang out and tell racist jokes.

Source: Legion official resigns over censored Memorial Day speech

The draft text of the speech is available to read (the story of the former slaves is great).

Source: Draft of speech given by vet whose mic was cut at Memorial Day service

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  1. The narrow minded bigots who have taken over the right wing of American politics are direct proof of monkeys being in our ancestry. They jump up and down like a monkey who had his banana stolen when they feel their First Amendment rights have been violated. They violently attack the same police officers they claim to support when they don’t like the results of a free and fair election. And with shameless hypocrisy they silence anything/everything that does not support their blatantly ignorant, limited and revisionist view of history. I knew there were a bunch of knuckle dragging monkeys out there. I am just disappointed to find out that there are so many of them. And they stink!!


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